Welcome to my art blog! My name is Fernando Oliveira, aka FOArtista, and I am a contemporary artist, in the world of visual arts, with special interest in drawing and painting. I was born in Lagos, in the Algarve region, and I live in Lisbon, Portugal. I, currently, teach History and I work as a freelancer with illustration and photography.

I started, from an early age, my artistic activity, attending in the eighties, the independent art school Ar.Co – Centro de Arte & Comunicação Visual, in Lisbon. I worked in graphic design and illustration, participating in several national and international art exhibitions. I graduated in History from the Faculdade de Letras da Universidade Clássica de Lisboa, and developed a lot of activity in this area, with special interest in the promotion of Portuguese Art, History and Culture. I have some published work, both graphic and writing, and I am represented in several private collections.

My passion for art is great! My desire to create is continuous. Inspiration is constant, when everyday life is our raw material. Art transforms us into life. I consider myself a multifaceted and experimentalist artist, I try to explore new artistic languages, deconstruct old ways and embrace new tendencies, try to establish new paradigms, and reformulate new concepts about the function of art and the role of the creator.

Here, in my blog, I propose to all, a pleasant and relaxed journey through the wonderful world of Arts, discovering my artistic works, from drawing to painting and illustration, through photography and video, which are the expression and testimony of my time, my space and my life.

I am counting on you and your interaction. In addition to this blog, follow my artistic activity on the site https://foartista.weebly.com or on the platforms below. Thank you all for following my art work!